'PR' Crystal Blue's Magic Blue Sabre

Big Boy Blue Crociani Big Boss of Bullrock GR CH 'PR' CNC'sBull Rock Blue Baron GR CH 'PR' Sackett's Ca. Butch
CH 'PR' Candy's Crystal Blu Persuation
Crociani's Doshia Frieta's Cain
Morgan's Shea
'PR' Gaff's Just Like Kellsey GR CH 'PR' Gaff's Calif. Top Gun CH 'PR' Devenport's Coolhand Luke
GR CH Knowlwood's Ca. Kellsey
GR CH Sackett's Gaff's Calif. Dazzle GR CH 'PR Redwood's Shadytown Pud
CH Northern Ca. Gaff's Kiss Me Kate
'PR' Crystal Blue's Storm 'PR' Wood's Forest Mojo Dragon Wood's E-Z Forest Red Penndragon Bruno JTW Haucka Luckey
CH Wood & Scott's Angel Kisses
Wood's E-Z Ebony & Ivory CH Wood's E-Z Challenger
Wood's E-Z Tifton
GR CH Wood's E-Z Amazing Grace CH Wood's E-Z Challenger U-CD GR CH Herring's Bullet
CH Wood's Tacoma E-Z
Wood's Blue Danube Wood's Excalibur Dan
CH Wood's Dash of Pepper
'PR' York's Molly Be Blue York's Blue Adam York's Blue Boomerang York's Loco Crash Man-Doo CH Mystik's Boz Quest of Mordor
York's Dotted Swiss of Bluheavn
York's Blue Tango U-CD GR CH York's Blue Bandit TT
CH York's Tiffany TT
York's Mystic Windy Day CH Gaff's Limited Edition Perdue's Cold Shot
Hot Shot's Gaff Ali
'PR' York's Samantha Mo Mo CH 'PR' York's Choc. Moose of Flying A
York's Blue Tango
'PR' York's Cloe CH 'PR' York's Choc. Moose of Flying A CH Dixicheek Reo Speedwagon GR CH Kinder's Wizard Gator
CH Cheek's Precious Velvet
GR CH Flying A's Spanky 'PR' Flying A's Cheyenne Kid
Flying A's Shayla Dee
'PR' L & L's Precious of York 'PR' York's Copper Top 'PR' York's Golden Jackpot
'PR' York's Shalimar
York's Promise of Pure Power Cleary's Grand Baby Jams
Pure Power Lot O Trouble