'PR' York's Dream Weaver

'PR' York's Mister Blue York's Twelve Gage of Gaff CH Gaff's Limited Edition Perdue's Cold Shot
Hot Shot's Gaff Ali
Gaff's Rajah of Rocmont CH Gaff's Sue's Baby Gus
CH Gaff's California Velvet
York's Sylvia Blue Butler's Geurrero's Tazmanian CH Sierra's Bold as Brass
'PR' Butler's Lil Sienna
CH 'PR' Butler's Blue Velvet of York CH York's Blue Macho
York's Just Peachy
'PR' Storytime's Best Blue Skye CH Storytime Once U'v Had Black CH Storytime's On the Dark Side CH Kinder's Rebelious Gator
S'N'S Mithril Stargazer
CH S'N'S Storytime By Moonlight OFA S'N'S The Once & Future King
Sunrise Red Keeper OFA
Storytime Petite Sophisticat CH River Run's Doc Terry CH Storytime's On the Darkside
Wildwind's Daydream Fantasy TT
S'N'S Occupation Foole OFA S'N'S The Once & Future King
Sunrise Red Keeper OFA
'PR' York's Blue Sable 'PR' Massie's BHK Junior of York CH York's Romeo U-CD GR CH York's Blue Bandit TT Ruffian Bo Tie & Tux
CH Wood's Tacoma E-Zee
CH York's Peppermint Patti CH Jumpin' Jack Flash of York
Rowdytown's Fire 'N' Ice
'PR' York's Ebony 'N' Ivory Butler's Ace Black Jack Butler's Guerrero's Tazmanian
Butler's Misszd Connection
'PR' Butler's Lil Sienna CH York's Redwood Ca. Dreamer
GR CH 'PR' York's Redwood Blue Velvet
'PR' Massie's Gone in 60 Seconds of NV GR CH 'PR' Nevada's Phantom Viceroy DNA-P  CGC CH 'PR' Nevada's Chocolate Phantom GR CH 'PR' Nevada Pits' Caleb
'PR' Nevada's Kitten K'Boodle
GR CH 'PR' Nevada Otta Make Me Blue  CGC Nevada's Knowlwood Kid Otto
CH Fitz Pits Mako
'PR' Rumor Has It Sorsha CH Rumor Has It Snow Cap CH Gaff-Sierra Smith 'N' Wesson
Butler's Madam Pirate of Sierra
'PR' Rumor Has It Candyo of Bullrock CH 'PR' Redwood's Sir Drake
'PR' Baytown's Lady Nikita